At Brighter Heights Oklahoma, our goal is that each client and family that we serve can gain resources and build resiliency to achieve their optimal lives.  We are committed to providing high-quality treatment and support services which are specifically designed to assess, manage and overcome the impacts felt by those experiencing behavioral health and substance use disorders.  Brighter Heights Oklahoma is proud to provide to provide access to treatment across our multiple treatment centers in southeast Oklahoma.  We look forward to helping you and your family thrive.

Across each community we serve, Brighter Heights Oklahoma is fully committed to embracing and promoting an intersectional approach to inclusion and equity.  We believe that culture and identity are key strengths in helping build resiliency and supporting the worth, dignity and uniqueness of each client and staff member.  We strive to eliminate barriers to access to care for any person who wishes to receive quality behavioral health treatment services and clients should expect to receive care from staff who foster a climate of dignity and mutual respect.

Our Programs and Services:

Brighter Heights Oklahoma offers behavioral health and substance use treatment services to community members through a variety of funding options.  Please contact the program at (580) 298-2830 or make a referral through our website to explore the options available to you.

  • Individual Therapy – allows clients the opportunity to explore emotional factors in a confidential setting.
  • Group Therapy – helps clients to express feelings and concerns with a group of peers in a structured treatment environment.
  • Family Therapy/Marriage Therapy – provides families a structured environment for the discussion of marriage and/or family issues.
  • Individual and Group Rehabilitation Services – teaches independent living, social skills, and enhances self-sufficiency.
  • Case Management – provides advocacy and linkage to charitable organizations, government agencies and community resources.
  • Alcohol and other Drug Services – addresses substance use and abuse and the impact on family members and caregivers with an emphasis on maintaining sobriety through social support.
  • Aftercare Services – ensures smooth transition from hospitalization or program discharge into the family and community.

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